We’ll Keep On Fighting ‘Til The End

Last night I was able to have a very Latin American experience without leaving Chicago. I attended the US vs. Honduras world cup qualifying game at Soldier Field. The people supporting Honduras are the definition of Super Fans and definitely outnumbered those of us cheering for the U.S. Every single one was decked out in blue and white jerseys, toting huge flags, and sporting some serious face paint. As early as 10am, the streets of downtown were covered with fans ready for some fútbol action.

The rowdy guys sitting in front of us actually flew in from Honduras to attend this game and stay with their cousins in Wisconsin. Now, that’s some real team loyalty. With the help of some cerveza, their cheers were as passionate as their clothing.
Saying the U.S. was off to a rough start is a huge understatement. In fact, it appeared as if some of them had never kicked a ball before. Our weak action on the field allowed Honduras to score within the first five minutes of the game. It was looking pretty bad for the US, when we got a penalty kick and scored to tie the game.
In the second half it was seriously as if a new team came on the field. The vigor of the Honduras fans died down (possibly too many cervezas), as did their players. The U.S. came back strong and played their hearts out. They dominated the second half and ended up scoring another goal to win the game!
Today I wore my new U.S. soccer t-shirt with pride.

I’m hoping I’ll get to see, and possibly play, some great soccer in Guatemala. Soccer, or rather fútbol, is definitely the sport of Latin America and I can’t wait to be in the center of it all! In less than two weeks I will be!

“We Are The Champions” -Queen
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