They Say It’s Your Birthday

This past week was a week of many birthday celebrations.

The first one was Tuesday at school. We celebrated Elena’s birthday. Elena is the woman whose house is used for the English classes of our school and where we eat lunch. She cooks for all of the volunteers everyday. In honor of her birthday, her husband came out and gave all of us huge shots of whiskey. This is not the first time we’ve been served alcohol at lunch. Remember, after lunch we still need to go teach our second group of students. Any Tubman people reading this think we should ask McHenry if we can implement an alcohol on birthdays policy at our school?

That same night, we went out to celebrate my housemate’s birthday. About 15 or so volunteers met at the corner near our houses and headed to Café 2000, a sports bar in Antigua. We spent the night drinking, dancing, and singing to the sounds of the live band that was playing. Lisa had a great birthday and we all had a good time.

The celebrations continued on Friday at school where we celebrated all the kids who had a birthday in the month of July. All the volunteers gave each birthday kid a hug and a Feliz Cumpleanos! To celebrate, we had huge piñatas that the students with a birthday got to hit after being spun around as many times as correlated to their age. I’ve never seen kids dive for candy like that in my life! All the birthday kids also got a present such as a jump rope, puzzle, marbles, or coloring books.

Afterwards the entire school was treated to a snack of juice and tostadas with beans and cheese made by Elena and her family. They were delicious!

Here are the kids diving for the extra candy being thrown out into the crowd!

All the birthday celebrations were very different, but I had a great time at each of them.



“Birthday” -The Beatles

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One thought on “They Say It’s Your Birthday

  1. I remember when I used to look at the pictures of myself when I was traveling and think "My smile is HUGE! It is never that big…" And I am now thinking the exact same thing about you when I see pictures with you in it. It is so wonderful to see you looking SOOOO happy. Love it! Enjoy every minute. xo

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