Today I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

I am pretty much all packed up and ready to go, although I really don’t want to leave. I had a bit of a shopping problem this trip and have acquired a new purse collection, scarf collection, necklace collection, bag collection, and art collection. I can barely zip my suitcase so it’s probably best I leave before it gets out of control. It’s ironic because I absolutely hate shopping at home, but here it’s one of my favorite things to do. Maybe it’s because it’s fun to bargain for the best prices, almost like a game. Also, the stuff here is just so reasonable and so beautiful!

At the market there are a million pictures of Antigua but none of Tikal, so I had a man paint this one specifically for me. It turned out beautiful.

Yesterday I had a pretty relaxing day, although it didn’t start off that way in the morning. My friend Sharon and I decided to meet our friend Michelle at a pool that is in a very nice hotel in Antigua and pay to swim for the day. We didn’t feel like doing much else but relaxing. We didn’t get very specific directions, and no streets here are labeled, so we figured we would just go search. We ended up way, way out in the middle of nowhere. We were for sure lost, but we made some interesting discoveries. On the outskirts of Antigua must be where the really wealthy, elite people live. We passed tons of private gated communities we had no idea existed in this city. We finally got directions from a nice man near one of these places and made it to the hotel, only an hour late.

The pool at Porta Antigua Hotel

It was worth the walk to hang out at the pool. It has not rained in several days because right now is a short dry period in the rainy season called canicula. Therefore, it’s also pretty hot out (although nothing compared to what I’ve heard the weather is in Chicago). Jumping in the pool and lounging around all day at this gorgeous hotel was fabulous. I laid in the sun, took a long nap, read my book, and just had a relaxing time.

That night Sharon and I went to a cute Italian place for dinner, although the food was very mediocre, and then headed out to the bars in hopes of running into people. I wanted to say goodbye to some friends before I headed home. It’s so strange, yet nice, not having a phone here. I’ve really enjoyed it, but it was nights like last night it would definitely have come in handy. We sat at Mono Loco just hoping our friends would show up, and as we were thinking of leaving, they walked in! It was a fun last night having a few drinks and hanging out with some good new friends.

Me and the Swede.

This morning it was back to the hotel for a great breakfast buffet and then I went exploring some ruins, similar to what I did my last few days here two years ago. I have always liked photography, but lately I have become more and more interested in it. This trip was a great excuse to take shots, and I took advantage by taking almost 2000 pictures in three weeks. The ruins of Santa Clara were fabulous to shoot because every step you take there you get a new perspective. I am particularly interested in taking pictures through arches or windows in the buildings. It’s always amazing to see what lies just on the other side.

I will spend the rest of the day wandering around Antigua, soaking up as much of this place as possible before saying goodbye.

“The Lazy Song” Bruno Mars

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