We Gonna Celebrate and Have a Good Time

It’s hard to believe I have less than 24 hours left in Antigua. I definitely am not ready to leave.

Yesterday was my last day of Spanish class. I have definitely learned a lot and am now able to hold a conversation with ease. Of course, my teacher does talk slowly for me and we still use a lot of hand gestures, but it’s still progress.

I will definitely miss my teacher, Olga. It was really interesting to have her as my teacher. Being indigenous, her life is so different and it’s fascinating to hear about it. We have discussed just about every topic from politics and religion to the kinds of jewelry we like. Although we did spend time on exercises in the workbooks, I definitely tried to steer the lessons more in the direction of conversation, and I think Olga and I both enjoyed it. She was a fantastic teacher.

Last night my friend Sharon and I decided to walk over to Café Sky, a restaurant with an amazing view from the rooftop bar. We got the most delicious liquados (similar to a smoothie) and enjoyed the sight of the sun setting behind Agua Volcano. There are so many great places like this around Antigua. I wish I had time to check them all out.

After our drinks we headed to the party that our school, Tecun Uman, was having. It’s an anniversary party that they have each year. And what better place to hold a party than….wait for it….the Car Wash of course! Yes, the party was in the car wash in front of my house.

The party was complete with delicious Guatemalan food, Gallo beer, and a DJ playing lots and lots of Salsa music. We ate, drank, and danced all night and all had a really good time. It was a good way to see everyone from the school before leaving. Unfortunately, Olga didn’t make it; I don’t think it was really her scene. It was a very fun night though. I was going to go away this weekend, but I am glad I decided to stay in Antigua.

“Celebration” -Kool and the Gang

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