Roam If You Want To, Roam Around The World

A week from today I set off on my newest adventure, Peru. This has long been on my bucket list and it is finally becoming a reality. I can’t wait!!!

This trip will be a great balance of former trips I have taken. My friend Miranda will be with me for the first 9 days in Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu, then I’ll be flying solo for the next 12. I’ll be moving from place to place at first, then have a home base in Arequipa. The first half is jam packed with tours and sites, and the second half is open for me to figure out as I go. I haven’t even left yet and I already wish I could stay longer!

In preparation for my upcoming trip I’ve been checking a lot of travel sites online to get information. While searching for information I discovered a new type of website I quickly fell in love with, the travel blog. While I have my own travel blog (you are reading it now), these blogs were written by digital nomads. Digital nomads are people who give up their 9-5 office jobs and most things in their lives to travel the world while earning money from freelance work done via the internet, many times though blog writing. I quickly became addicted to reading about the lives of this nomadic bunch. While I had my fair share of crazy experiences in Guate, they really can’t compare to some of the adventures these people have had on the road for years at a time. Reading their blogs just made me want to travel more and more. It really can become an addiction where the only cure is to get out there and do it!

View from my windo

View from my window

Don’t worry Mom. I’m not quitting my job or moving half way around the world (at least not anytime soon). I mean, who would want to give up this view? My home and my life are in Chicago and it is one amazing city. But I do know that I plan to make travel a big part of my life and I’m very lucky to have a job that gives me the time to do that. My hope is to roam around the world, doing at least one big international trip a year. I’m haven’t left for this one yet and already can’t wait to plan the next one!

Next entry from Peru!



“Roam” -B52’s

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