‘Cause I’m Feeling Like a Criminal

After a very, very long and pretty uneventful day of flying, I had finally arrived at the airport in Lima. It was time to go through immigration. When my turn arrived, I handed the woman my passport and she asked how long I would be staying in Peru. I said twenty one days. She stared at me, looked at my passport, then back at me and asked again how long I would be in Peru. I gave her the same answer. Next the woman got on the phone and started speaking in Spanish to someone for what felt like an hour, all while staring at my passport. Then asked a third time how long I would be staying in Peru. At this point I was freaking out thinking I would be sent back on a plane to the US. I asked if there was a problem and she said “not at all”, finally stamped my passport and I was on my way. Next I got my luggage and immediately got stopped by a security guard asking to see my boarding pass to make sure it was really my luggage. Miranda’s plane hadn’t arrived yet so I had to wait around the baggage claim area, making me seem even more suspicious. Next thing I know the guard with the drug sniffing dog was all over my luggage. Seriously, do I look like that much of a criminal? Miranda finally arrives, gets her bag and we are on our way, or so I think, but nope, apparently the first check of my luggage wasn’t enough and I have to show my boarding pass again! The first night made me feel like a crazy drug smuggling, luggage stealing criminal. I hoped the next day would be better!

Luckily, today was much better. I was not once suspected of criminal activity. We wandered around Lima, in the area of Miraflores in the morning. We came across the Pacific Ocean, a mall built into a cliff, a park with a HUGE statue of people making out, and some amazing ceviche!



Next it was off to a tour of downtown Lima with our amazing guide Omar. He took us all over, but the highlights included hanging out with a peacock, going to the catacombs of the Monastery of San Francisco to see thousands and thousands of bones, and posing with some cops who were very good sports.




Overall, it was a great day in Lima. While I was definitely not blown away by its beauty and it was not even close to the top of the list of things I was excited to see in Peru, Omar definitely helped bring its history to life and I’m glad we didn’t just pass it by without a stop here.



“Criminal” -Fiona Apple

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One thought on “‘Cause I’m Feeling Like a Criminal

  1. Marla Brichta

    Hi Joules,
    So glad you were finally released from the airport. You definitely must be cautious!!!

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