It’s Getting Harder and Harder to Breathe

This morning Miranda and I were up bright and early to get on the plane to Cusco. While we really enjoyed our day in Lima, one day was enough. When we arrived to the Lima airport, it was a zoo! It made O’Hare seem totally calm. Our flight was fine, and i wasnt singled out for any suspious behavior this time, but once I stepped off the plane I could feel the difference in the air immediately! When Lonely Planet warns you about altitude sickness, it is no joke!

We got to our hotel and I think it’s possibly the cutest place I’ve ever seen. It has an original Incan door and an amazing garden like area. It is just so adorable and quaint. The views don’t disappoint either.



After some coco tea to help with the altitude, we were off, huffing and puffing a little bit (at least I was) to the main square in Cusco, called the Plaza de Armas. It’s one of those places that completely took my breath away, well at least what was left of my breath. The beauty really can’t be captured in photos, but I tried…


We got suckered in to buying some paintings from street vendors, then headed to a cute coffee shop called Cappuccino Cafe with a great balcony to soak it all in.


When it was time for dinner we headed to a place Lonely Planet called the best in Cusco, Cicciolina. Apparently Lonely Planet doesn’t lie. It was amazing! We shared the gnocchi and got very adventurous and ordered alpaca, a delicacy in these parts. Both were delicious!


Maybe next time, if we are really adventurous we will try another Peruvian delicacy known as cuy, aka guinea pig. Hmmm, then again, maybe we won’t.




“Harder to Breath” – Maroon 5

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