Who Let The Dogs Out (woof, woof, woof, woof)

Yesterday we got up to roam around for a while before the city tour of Cusco we had scheduled for the afternoon. Miranda and I walked the streets of Cusco, shopped a little, bought a few things, and really just wandered. While wandering we came across what can only be described as a pack of dogs. There were literally over 20 of them running around the city together. I have never seen anything like it before. I couldn’t even fit all the pups in the picture.


After a quick lunch at a fun place called Jack’s Cafe, we went to meet up with our group for our tour. Unfortunately, we had a really hard time following what our guide said. We also went to a lot of places that didn’t allow photos. The Cathedral of Cusco was gorgeous inside, but you will have to google it to see for yourself.

On the tour we met and became quick friends with a few people: Melanie from Montreal, Cecilia from Lima, and her boyfriend Can (pronounced Jon) from Istanbul. Talking to them was way more fun than listening to the tour guide. Here we are with Melanie at Qorikancha (Temple of the Sun) in the background.


My favorite sight was Sacsaywaman, but most refer to it as sexy woman, clearly named after me. It’s an ancient Incan fortress with HUGE stones and an amazing view of Cusco from the top.



When the tour was over we decided to meet Cecilia and Can at a really funky place called Fallen Angel for dinner. If you ever find yourself in Cusco you should definitely try it. Our table was literally a bathtub with live goldfish swimming around. It was also the location of my first pisco sour which was amazing!


Cecilia, a Peru native, told us we had to go see the most popular sight in all of Cusco, the 12 sided stone. According to the man guarding the stone it is more popular than Michael Jackson! Really it’s just a rock, but still picture worthy!


We ended the night with a pisco sour at another bar and a look at all the lights of Cusco from a plaza called San Blas. Overall, a fantastic day.

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