You’re in Ruins

Yesterday was another day in the Sacred Valley. We finally got an awesome guide which we were very excited about! This was a day of visits to a lot more ruins, starting with Pisac. I think I would have done well in the time of the Incas. I’m just the right size.



Even more than I liked the ruins, I loved interacting with some locals.


Next it was the bright and colorful market of Pisac. There was delicious looking fruits and veggies that would put any farmer’s market in Chicago to shame. There was a lot of color everywhere.




Unfortunately, they also had these cute guys at the market and let’s just say they were not to take home as pets.


After the market it was off to lunch. Everyone on our tour had lunch prearranged with whoever organized the tour for them so we didn’t have a choice which restaurant we ate at. As they called Miranda and I to get off the bus for our lunch we knew we won the restaurant lottery. Our place was adorable, but even better were the llamas and alpaca we hung out with!



Our last stop was Ollantaytambo to see more ruins, specifically ones that were used as a fortress. With more ruins means more climbing, up and up infinite sets of stairs. Thank god I practiced climbing the stairs in my building for the past month.


We rushed to get to the train station for our train to Aguas Calientes, but realized we actually had an hour left til we departed. Once we arrived in town we made it an early night to prepare for our long awaited journey to Machu Picchu the next morning.

I’ll leave you with another picture from locals at the Pisac market.




“21 Guns” -Green Day

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