Take Me to the River, Drop Me in the Water

Once Miranda and I arrived back in Cusco you would think we would need a little downtime from all the action of the last few days, but no. Our next adventure of choice: white water rafting on the Urumbamba River. Being that my camera is not waterproof, I have no picture of this excursion. If you can though, picture this: bright blue skies, high wispy clouds, water sparkling from the sun, and beautiful green covered mountains everywhere you look. Let’s just put it this way, it was gorgeous.

It was also quite the adrenaline rush. It seemed pretty calm, but still fun, at first. Then about half way through we did this thing called raft surfing. Everyone in the raft jumps to the front of the raft with their heads facing the water while in a rapid as the guide holds the raft from floating away. It was insane. Very fun when I was in the middle, but absolutely terrifying when in the front. You will just have to trust me on this one. Very sad I don’t have a picture. I know it would look absolutely crazy.

That night was our last night in Cusco so we decided to go to a great restaurant we had wanted to try called Chicha with our friend Melanie and her friend from Ireland. It was delicious and a great last night in this city that I quickly came to adore.

(Notice my new alpaca sweater.)


Early the next morning I said goodbye to Miranda and headed for the bus station for my ten, yes ten hour bus ride to Puno. I would write about it but I don’t want to force you to be as bored as I was. We did make a few stops where I got some nice pictures though.



I arrived in Puno and had not one, but two people at the bus station waiting for me with signs saying my name. I let the first one I saw take me to my hotel. It’s not the worst place I’ve stayed (that award still goes to a place on the beach in Livingston, Guatemala that still makes me sick to think about) but it also is certainly not the nicest. I’ll spare you the details. It was also pouring rain (again its dry season). Not a good introduction to the city. But I made the best of it, and my hotel has cable. If you ever have insomnia at 3am, Glee dubbed in Spanish will save the day.

More on Puno and Lake Titicaca soon.



“Take Me to the River” -Talking Heads

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