It’s a Wild World

Although it seems like years since I left civilization, it was just a few days ago I got picked up at 6am to travel to the rainforest area of  Tortugero. After a bus ride, a stop for breakfast, and a beautiful boat ride, I made it to my home for the next two days, Turtle Beach Lodge. Tortugero is known for being a nesting site of loggerhead turtles. I knew it was a little early for nesting season but hoped that I would get lucky and see a rare early turtle. No such luck. I did however see more other wildlife than I could imagine.


Reflections of Tortugero

I decided to add on Costa Rica to my Nicaragua trip for some of the adventure activities and the wildlife. I know Nicaragua has plenty as well, so it should be interesting to compare. I haven’t done any high adrenaline activities yet, but the wildlife did not disappoint. I have seen three types of monkeys, a three toed sloth, red frogs, caimans, toucans, herons, an armadillo (yes they have armadillos here!) and more types of plants and flowers than I could ever name.


Beautiful butterfly

Gorgeous flowers

Gorgeous flowers



Turtle Beach Lodge does feel like a secluded paradise. It’s absolutely stunning with so much green green and tropical flowers everywhere you look. I would tell you what they are but botany has never been my strong suit (I dropped it twice before finally passing on my third try. I did at least get a A that time). All the buildings are open air pavilions. There is a turtle shaped pool and you can enter the beach from the property.

The lodge bar

The lodge bar


The one thing the lodge does not have is wifi. That means I’ve been completely disconnected from the world of the internet for two and a half days. No checking email or texting or facebook or posting pictures to Instagram. Nothing. And to be honest, it’s been kind of fabulous. Everyone eats meals together and nobody was on their phone. It’s seriously such an unfamiliar phenomenon in these times, and yet so unexpectedly nice! I’ve met and talked to so many interesting and wonderful people here without the typical technological distractions we are all guilty of.

Another flower

Another flower

I had the chance to go on a canal tour, go to the Tortugero village (nothing to write home about), swim in the pool, walk around taking pictures, take a nature walk through crazy amounts of mud, do an awesome night tour, sit and relax with my book, enjoy the company of the other guests, and even catch some of the Costa Rica vs. England match with other people and staff at the lodge. (It was 0-0).

The Village of Tortugero

The Village of Tortugero


My mud boots before the walk. They were much worse after.

My mud boots before the nature walk. They were way worse after.

Fernando explaining different plants to us.

Fernando explaining different plants to us.

While I would probably not want to stay much longer and I am ready to get back to a more fast paced schedule, Tortugero was a nice place to spend a few quiet days. Actually though, the symphony of animals making their own music all day and night made it not so quiet, but still pretty wonderful.

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One thought on “It’s a Wild World

  1. Marla Brichta

    Sounds Heavenly!!!! I know you are enjoying every minute.

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