Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

Actually do go chasing waterfalls. They are not always easy to get to but always seem to be worth it.




I’ve been with my G adventure tour for three days now and could not be happier. The group and our guide are fabulous! More on them and what it’s like to travel with a group will be coming up in future posts.

The past few days have been amazing and also nonstop. I arrived to La Fortunate, near Arenal, yesterday morning. After another authentic Costa Rican lunch and quickly checking into our adorable hotel we were off to walk/hike to the waterfall. Our guide, Dee, said it was about three miles away. That’s not too bad, I thought. The last mile or so turned out to be all uphill. Not so fun, but I did it. Plus we saw the Arenal Volcano.

Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano

Then it was several hundred steps down to the waterfall itself (which of course had to be climbed back up). The waterfall was amazing. Swimming in the water underneath it was cold but fantastic. We didn’t have too much time but I still loved it. Next time I would take a cab to the waterfall and save the walking/hiking for later! I’ve definitely realized that hiking or anything going uphill is just not something I enjoy, but swimming in most any type of water definitely is!


Arenal waterfall

After spending time at the waterfall, our guide took the majority of our group to an experience that will be hard to beat. The area has natural hot springs that you can access from man made pools at many of the hotels around. Dee, however took us to the local free spot which is the actual natural source of the water. We sat in the steaming hot water, drinking ice cold beers, trying not to drift away with the strong current, candles lit for light, talking about everything under the moon. It was one of those experiences that almost felt unreal and we all loved every second of it. It was too dark for pictures but I felt this was something that needs to just be remembered. No picture could capture it as well as it will stay in my memory.

It was another early morning today, where six of us went canyoneering, which is basically repelling down waterfalls. I may have gotten the wildlife at Tortugero, but I got the adrenaline rush here. It was SO MUCH FUN! It was also pretty scary and at times a little difficult. There were four actual drops to go down, two short and narrow, two long and wide. The rest of the time you are walking through the water climbing down the rocks. There were times when that part was really hard. You couldn’t see where you were stepping and it was slippery, but still very fun. I have a ton of cuts, scrapes, and bruises, and one medium sized gash on my leg from today, and I’m sure I’ll hurt even more tomorrow, but it will be a reminder of how amazing it was, if you are looking for a fun exciting activity in Costa Rica, look no further.

Most of our group before canyoneering.

Most of our group before canyoneering.

Tonight commenced with a visit to the hot springs and dinner at a hotel. It was very nice and the pools were beautiful, complete with a swim up bar where we all enjoyed drinks in a pineapple, but it didn’t hold a candle to the local spot from the night before. That will be very hard to top.


Pura Vida!


“Waterfalls” -TLC

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