Let’s Go To the Beach

The final destination on my tour before returning to San Jose was Manuel Antonio which is a beach town. After checking into our hotel, which was called Hotel California (I actually stayed at The Hotel California!) we took the public bus that headed straight to the beach. I’ve obviously been to the beach before, but with maybe the exception of a beach we went to on my family cruise in Mexico, I’ve never seen such a gorgeous beach!


Manuel Antonio public beach

We had a great lunch and wandered around the town a little before heading back to the hotel for some pool time and later a great restaurant in town for dinner, complete with crazy lightening shows!

The following day it was an early start as we headed to Manuel Antonio National Park for a wildlife walk and more beach time. The wildlife once again did not disappoint. We saw a deer cross right in front of us, amazing looking crabs, toucans, and sloths from a distance.


A deer crossing our path.

Once we got to the private beach in the park, which is even more gorgeous than the public beach, there we’re naughty raccoons all over trying to steal everyone’s food. They were often successful and even managed to steal a bag of chips from my friend Teela!



Naughty raccoon


The beach inside the park.

As we walked out of the park I saw one of the craziest things I think I’ve ever seen in nature; a skinny, but long green snake grabbed a frog and swallowed it. It was just one of those things that you couldn’t believe was happening. The poor frog’s legs were hanging out of the snake’s mouth. Thanks to Skye for the picture!


Poor frog…

The last activity I did before heading back to San Jose was go on a Catamaran. It was a blast. The guides on the boat were so entertaining and kept us happy the whole time. With Bob Marley as our soundtrack for the day, we went out to sea, saw dolphins jumping in the water, went in the water for some swimming time of our own, and had once again stunning scenery. Seriously gorgeous!



On the boat


Beautiful scenery

Overall, Manuel Antonio had a very different vibe than La Fortuna and Monteverde. It is a beach town and you could feel it. It was extremely laid back and chill. It also seemed to be the most touristy of the places we visited, but considering I feel I actually saw very few tourists on the whole trip it wasn’t too bad. I could see travelers wanting to hang out here for a while. While I am not a huge beach person (I get restless sitting on the sand all day but I do love being in the water) I really enjoyed this part of the trip and the whole beach vibe.

“Starships” -Nicki Minaj


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