It’s Oh So Quiet

After finishing my G Adventures tour it was time to make my way towards the border near Nicaragua. I had bought my bus ticket online and was assured it would be waiting for me at my hotel. Well, no ticket. Dee, my G adventures tour guide, called the company for me and they said it would be waiting at the bus station in the morning. Again, no ticket. The ticket purchased online was $75. I had to buy another ticket if there was any chance of me getting where I was going. Luckily the ticket only cost $10 at the station.

I’m sure the $75 ticket was for a nice bus. The one I ended up taking was not nice at all. No AC, ripped up seats, and very old. The bus stopped on the side of the road dozens of times to pick people up. I had no idea where I was supposed to get off. I read the ride was about 3 hours. It ended up taking almost 6! Nobody spoke English and I was very grateful for the little Spanish I knew. I luckily got off where I was supposed to and got a cab to the farm I was going to be staying at. Definitely not my favorite travel experience, not to mention one I paid $75 too much for, but I did make it there in one piece!

The farm I stayed on is called Cana Castilla. It is beautiful, very secluded, and very, very quiet. Almost too quiet. It’s too far and secluded to get to town easily so I felt a little bit trapped at the farm. No TV, barely any wifi, no pool, and so few other guests made me feel very isolated. I should have just enjoyed the quiet, but this city girl had a hard time getting used to it. I did get to play with a baby sloth though, definitely a unique experience that I would never have in the city! There were also monkeys, frogs, butterflies, chickens, roosters, and all kinds of wildlife roaming around. They quickly became my friends.

My baby sloth friend,

My baby sloth friend.

My monkey friend.

My monkey friend.

My rooster friend.

My rooster friend.

My first night there, there were only two other guests. They were from Morrocco and so interesting to talk to. I was grateful to have them around. The next day, Justine, who would be on my trip with The Giving Lens arrived. I was again thankful to have company. We explored the grounds, took photos, chilled in the hammocks and played with the dogs.


The farm grounds.


My dog friend.



By my third full day I was very antsy to get off the grounds of the farm and the Costa Rica World Cup game was the perfect opportunity. The owner of the farm drove Justine and I as well as another guest to a small restaurant in the town of La Cruz to watch the game. There were about five other people around when we arrived, but within a few minutes a bus full of fans appeared, all with their Costa Rica spirit and loud noisemakers. It was definitely the noise and excitement I needed.

Go Costa Rica!

Go Costa Rica!

Showing my Costa Rican pride!

Showing my Costa Rican pride!

Even though Costa Rica lost it was still such a fun and unique experience to watch the game in this small town with these great fans. It was a wonderful end to my Costa Rican experience.

“Quiet” -Bjork

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