It Was So Hot Outside, You Could Fry an Egg

Oh Leon. I wanted to fall in love with you, I really did, but you are just too darn hot!

I had read so many amazing things about the city of Leon from several bloggers and people in my Go Girls group. People talked it up so much that I originally wanted to spend about five or six days in the city before moving on. Because I was on a tour, I was only given two days and that ended up being more than enough.

It’s not that the city didn’t interest me or there wasn’t a lot to do or see. It was just so damn hot I was depleted of all energy and could only focus on one thing: keeping cool.

Most people in my group decided to go volcano boarding the morning after climbing Telica. While it sounded like a very unique thing to do, climbing another volcano the morning after cutting the hell out of my legs on a volcano the night before just didn’t appeal. Instead I headed into Parque Central. It was really beautiful, but all the seats in the shade were taken. I did enjoy taking some photos of the park and cathedral though.


Leon Cathedral

Instead of walking around much longer, I headed back to my hotel and spent a good portion of the day nice and cool in the pool. I don’t regret it for a moment!

Later in the afternoon some of us went on a city tour. My absolute favorite part of the tour, and possibly of all of Leon, was going to the top of the cathedral. It was gorgeous. Completely white (we couldn’t wear our shoes) and absolutely stunning views in all directions. The contrast of the bright blue sky against the stark white roof made for some beautiful photos. I could have stayed up there all day!


On top of the cathedral

Leon, and all of Nicaragua, has a fascinating history. Leon was a very important location for the revolution. I learned a lot about the Sandinistas and the fight against the dictatorship, but I think I still may need to read a book or two to fully understand it all. We went to a museum where we were told not only the intense history of the revolution, but also many crazy Nicaraguan myths. They just kept getting weirder and weirder!


A representation of a soldier in the revolution.

That night we had one of my favorite meals of the whole trip. Esteban took us to eat good at a place in the street. There was a big grill with all kinds of delicious food being cooked and big tables to sit at right smack dab in the middle of the street. A nice breeze had finally come along and we had a great time hanging out outside, right behind the cathedral. The little girl of the people cooking the food was celebrating her second birthday and we decided to celebrate right along with her, singing happy birthday and inviting her into pictures. She even shared her birthday cake with us.


Delicious street food


Felix Cumpleanos a Ti

After dinner we went out for a few drinks at a bar near the park. When morning came I was so relieved to get out of that crazy heat, but if it were just a little cooler I could easily have fallen in love with Leon.



“Wasting Time” -Dave  Matthews Band

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