La Isla Bonita

After leaving the heat of Leon, my group got on a ferry where we made our way to Moyogalpa, the first town you hit on Ometepe Island. Ometepe is an island that was formed from two gigantic volcanos that now sit smack dab in the center of the island.


Volcano Concepcion as seen from the ferry

Our time on Ometepe involved a homestay with a family in the pueblo of Los Angeles. I was placed in a house with my tour guide, Estaban and another woman named Vesna.

Our lodging was…let’s just say basic. The water didn’t really work, my window was nailed shut, and the bed was not so clean. I survived and it was just two nights, but The Ritz it was not.


My bedroom at my homestay.

The woman who lived in my house had two grandsons who lived next door. The older one, Kevin, had taught himself English. He wants to be a dentist and was a blast to talk to.

The second day of our time on the island the whole group went on what they call the “lazy tour” which is really just a tour of the island. It’s the lazy tour because we were all too lazy to climb one of the volcanos for nine plus hours in the blistering heat and filthy mud. I said give me lazy any day.

The trip included stops at Charo Verde, a beautiful nature reserve, the mysterious peteroglphys, a stop next to the beach for lunch, a stop to see some super freaky monkeys, and finished at the refreshing waters of Ojo de Agua, a pool made from natural spring waters of the volcano.


Monarch butterflies at Charco Verde


Scary monkey showing his teeth at me!


The petroglyphs


The refreshing waters of Ojo de Agua

In the evening we all had dinner at one of the families houses before heading to the village of Moyogalpa for their annual festival. This was similar to a street fest and happens one weekend per year. These is music and drinking, similar to what you may see at a street fest in the states, except there was also a running of the bulls type of activity. We missed most of it by the time we arrived.

Although the island itself was really beautiful, this festival was probably my favorite thing we did while on the island. Some locals from the families came with us and we all just had a blast hanging out.


Kevin and Esteban at the festival


At the Moyogalpa festival

Well, almost all of us. Unfortunately one member of our group (the anonymous one) was very unhappy and had a miserable time. She pretty much pouted and walked around with her arms crossed the whole night. None of us could really figure out why, but we didn’t let it stop our fun. If anything I think this night and our time on Ometepe brought the rest of us closer together.

I really liked Ometepe but wish I had a little more time to explore. Next time, though, I’d probably opt for a hotel.


Made a new friend in Ometepe

“La Isla Bonita” -Madonna

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2 thoughts on “La Isla Bonita

  1. haha love how there’s a lazy tour option. i’d choose that any day too!

  2. Monica

    You’re such a great story teller – I forgot half of where we went every day. It’s awesome to be reading your posts as I travel with you on your adventures!!!

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