The Tide is High

I originally did not have a huge desire to go to San Juan del Sur. I had heard so many good things about Leon and Ometepe that I was a little disappointed our tour had the most time at this beach town instead of the other places. After visiting this popular backpack and expat town, I can see what all the hype is about. I ended up loving San Juan del Sur and was happy to spend three days roaming its streets and swimming in its beaches.


Beach at San Juan del Sur

After leaving Ometepe we were all ready to be in a place with running water, a hot shower, and a comfy bed. Our hotel was super cute, had the best shower I’ve experienced on the whole trip, and was in a great location. I was happy.

Our first day in town we had lunch on a place with a beach view. In the late afternoon we made our way to the fanciest hotel/resort in town, Pelican Eyes. Not only did this place have amazing pools with amazing views, we also heard it was the hotel that the entire Survivor crew was staying at during filming. With many Survivor fans in my group, we were on the lookout for Jeff Probst! Unfortunately, there were no Jeff spottings, although we looked long and hard. Pelican Eyes did, however, provide us with an unbeatable view of the sunset from the infinity pool. Having tropical drinks in a refreshing and gorgeous pool while watching the sunset over the ocean? Well it just doesn’t get better than that.


Sunset at Pelican a Eyes Resort

For dinner we ate at a restaurant on the beach, feet in the sand. I had a huge and delicious lobster dinner for a whopping $14 or so.

The next morning the whole crew headed to Maderas Beach for swimming, surfing, and relaxing. I, knowing it just would not be my thing, opted out of surf lessons, but enjoyed the day watching others, swimming in the ocean, and relaxing near the water.


Madeiras Beach

The entire trip, my friend Monica and I were talking about how good pizza sounded. Every night we talked about eating pizza. That night we finally got most of the gang to go to a pizza place in town. I’m not sure if the pizza was even good but we had wanted it so badly that at that point it tasted absolutely delicious! Then it was off to a bar for some drinks back by the water. This was a Monday night and all the backpackers seemed to have left town Sunday because it was so quiet on the streets, but we still had a great time.


Monica and I having Macuas, the national drink.


Jessica and Jennifer having some too.

Our final day in town was spent walking around, browsing the shops, stopping for amazing gelato, taking a dip in the ocean, and of course trying to hunt down Jeff Probst, still with no luck.


Shopping by the beach


The streets of San Juan del Sur

While I had a blast in San Juan del Sur, my time there unfortunately ended on a bad note, waking up the morning we were going to leave with horrible food poisoning. We were supposed to take chicken buses back to Granada. While everyone else took the buses, I spent the day in bed, getting a ride back later in the day. Be careful of the shrimp ceviche.

Even with that not so great ending, I highly recommend San Juan del Sur as a place to visit and be a beach bum for a few days.



“The Tide is High” Blondie

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One thought on “The Tide is High

  1. wow the colors are so vibrant! great photos. glad u ended up loving it

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